Senin, 04 April 2011

Community Language Learning Method Lesson Plan

Below is the example of Community Language Method ( CLL ) Lesson plan of the fifth grade at Elementary School.


School                               : SD N Mindaka 01 Tarub
Subject                               : English Language
Grade/ Semester                : 5/ 2
Topic                                 : Library
Standart  Competence       :
1.      Listening
Understand the easies’ instruction with action in school context.            
2.      Speaking
Give experience the easies’ instruction and information in school context.
3.      Reading
Understand the easies’ English written in school context.
4.      Writing
Spell and copies simple sentence in school context.                   
Basic Competence             :
1.1    The response of simple instruction with action way in school and class context.
6.2    Conversation for giving/ accepting service that involve speech action in asking help, giving help, ask and give something.
7.1  Reading by pronoun, stress, intonation in exact and acceptable which word, phrase, simple sentence, and simple text involved.
8.1  Spell simple sentences in correct about thank expression.

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