Minggu, 17 Agustus 2008

Custom and Way of Life 1

A custom is a bilief, principle or standard of conduct which is passed on from generation to generation, especially when this is done without a written record. It used to be customary in Indonesia for a man to give up his seat to a lady in crowded bus or train. And it is the custom here to give the chance for a lady to go first. Take for example,when we stand in a queue for the tickets, we shall let the lady behind us stand in front of us.
In an extended family, the members of the family consist of parent, grandparents, uncless and aunts and children. Whwn the dining room is not so large, the old-age member of the family have meals first and then followed by the children. Are trained to respect old people.
A gret majority of the indonesians are farmers who till small plots of land. In large parts of the country rice is the man crop. In addition to these crops, vegetables, fish, eggs, chickens, and spices make up the daily diet.
Farm families are generally large than city families. All the members must work for their daily food. Young girls help mother sew and thresh rice in the afternoon, after they have finished school and religius training. Boys of eight will help their fhater weed and plough in the rice paddis.
In the cities some of people work in small local industries, Where food is processed, leather is tanned, and the famous batik cloth with colour designs is woven ans dyed.
In the afternoon all the members of the family eat a big meal and then sleep for a few hours. In the evening after eating a smaller, less formal meal, people usually watch TV or get together with their friends.

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