Jumat, 22 Agustus 2008


The earth is our environment. Yhe environment includes everything in our surroundings and all the conditions that affaect aur lives. In the short time human being have been on earth, we have learned to change the environment to provide for our needs and luxuries. We have grown plants and domesticated animals; we have cleared forest to open up land for farming; we have mined and refined the earth’s minerals; we have learned to use minerals for fuel and as materials to make tools, houses, and machine.
We use water to wash ourselves, our clothes, and our dishes, to cook our food and in many other ways. Without ample water, our lives would be very different. Life itself could not exist without water. It is certain that all living things need water. Every year there are water shorthages in various places on earth. The problem is not that there is not enough water. It is that the right amount of water is not in the right places at the raight time.
Water suplies in some areas are gradually being used up. If the biggest natural underground reservoir or the ground-water is being pumped out so fast, the water level is falling about one meter each year. At this rate it will be dry by the year 2020.

In any community the various organisms are linked in a complicated web of relationship. Air, water/sea, and land arte closely related. These are usually in delicate balance with one another. If the natural web is distrubed the results may be disastrous. Most distrubance and destruction came from man’s activities. And man is interfering with nature all the time.

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