Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

The Global Economy

In this twentieth century indonesia has adopted a new economic system. It is understandable that the goverment always anticipates what may happen in 2010. So steps are being taken to make the new economic system beneficial to the goverment and the people.
Few years ago a subsidy was given by the goverment to industries or state –owned corporations thet needed financial help. But now, the goverment has stoped giving financial help. It is expected thet the corporations will try to survive although they should in copetition with the others. So self-help is needed. They should not try to speculate. They will be in dificualty.
With the end of the cold war, economic issues have replaced ideological and political qustions as the major determinants of global politic. Here indonesian is able to share some of its experience in carrying out economic development and in managing dependence on the West.
Indonesia is trading whit many countries in the world now. Intonesia is trading petroleum, petroleum product, natural gas, timber from machiner, chemical and cement.
Adopting free trade and free market is unavoidable becous of global economy. A nationa cannot trade with some nation in the neighbouring countries only. A trade is not confined to acertain area. The reasons are the differences in natural resources in different parts of the world and spealization in making goods that are of good quality. The ther reasons are grownth of transportation and comunication.

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